Larissa Loden


Larissa Loden designs for women that aren’t afraid to express themselves. They are strong and fearless, interested in history and love to dress up. She is inspired by stories behind the pieces and those wearing them, and feeds off seeing her jewelry complete a look.

Vintage meets modern in Larissa’s eco-friendly collection. Most components used are deadstock, which means they were made to be sold long ago but missed their chance. Traveling across the US and Europe, Larissa explores the depths of flea markets and deadstock warehouses to find cameos, switchblades and lockets. She gives these vintage treasures a new opportunity to shine by transforming them into modern, edgy jewelry.  

Whether on the hunt for unique objects or hammering them into hot bracelets, it’s all about the process. Once Larissa and her loot have safely returned to the Twin Cities, she doesn’t go far to start creating new designs. Larissa’s studio and home are one in the same, no factory involved. Using methods including drilling and soldering, stamping and hammering, her collection is fervently handmade.

Hailing from a very small town in upstate New York, Larissa learned the inner workings of a business early on by working in her parents’ store. She became part of the family business when she was old enough to polish an apple.

Larissa established her own company in 2005 and has been forging jewelry ever since. She continues to push harder to create modern pieces that tell a story. She hopes to establish Larissa Loden Jewelry as a national brand and one day open a flagship store.


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